ZSA Voyager Review

zsa voyager keyboard

What ZSA has a new keyboard named Voyager out that fits my low profile aesthetic preference a lot more than their other offerings. With all the hype around the slick looking Moonlander and the original Ergodox, I was always tempted to purchase one but the chonkiness of it always got to me. I was talking … Read more

GraphQLError: Syntax Error: Unexpected Name “undefined”

If you see any variation of this error in GraphQL while trying to use a fragment, it’s quite likely that there’s circular import going on. Try placing the fragment in a different file. This was a bit obscure and hard to find. For reference. https://spectrum.chat/apollo/general/fragments-not-working-cross-files-in-mutation~c4e90568-f89a-458f-9810-0730846fc5f0 https://pastebin.com/3vCv2Ak5

Ruby Nullish States

Just want to point out a great post by Joyce Echessa talking about the differences between all the nullish state methods for Ruby: Nil? Empty? Present? Blank? #nil? #empty? #blank? #present? 5 false NoMethodError false true “” false true true false ” ” false false true false “\t\n” false false true false [] false true … Read more

Explain Rails Active Record Query

You can output the raw query for an Active Record Query by tagging .explain at the end. Very useful for complex queries where it’s hard to understand what is happening under the hood 🤯. You can read the docs for more info.

Install OpenWrt Quick Tips

I haven’t used a community supported router firmware in a couple of years and there were a few hurdles to overcome. Here’s a quick tips on things to look out for when installing OpenWrt on your router and save yourself time (example using Nighthawk R6700). Why OpenWrt? OpenWrt seems to be the most recommended open … Read more

Heroku Build Script for Laravel and Vue

So if you have a Laravel + Vue app that you deploy to Heroku, and you want Heroku to run the NPM and Webpack build scripts, here is what you do. Make sure you have Node.js bundle in your instance. You can do this through the CLI or manually in the settings page Add build … Read more

Ionic You need to use a different package name because “io.ionic.starter” already exists in Google Play

If you are using Ionic + Android Studio to publish an app and run into this error on upload, “You need to use a different package name because “io.ionic.starter” already exists in Google Play”, do this. Check build.gradle (Module:android.app) file in Gradle Scripts Change the applicationId to a unique ID. The nomenclature is typically “appname.yoursite.com” … Read more