Better WordPress Email Management with MailGun

I’ve always had a lot of trouble with the WordPress email system. Whether it’s dropping emails, not receiving¬†emails, emails ending in spam, not authenticating with Gmail, DNS¬†records being incorrect, a lot can and has gone wrong. Most guides out there give you a generic SMTP plugin to install and say that should solve it. Sometimes … Read more

Update WordPress links with SQL

It’s not easy changing your WordPress site links. You might have to change http to https or correct a spelling error. If changing settings or using plugins don’t help, here’s how to change it manually with SQL. Most of us will have to use phpmyadmin. Find your database manager.  In your database command line execute the … Read more

Hello, World!

This is my first blog post. I’m going to write down my experience as I learn web development so that I can look back and see the progress (or regress) I’ve made and if I find success as a developer, to show others that it’s possible for them too. Some Background I never intended to … Read more