Best Learning Resource for Ionic Vue

The Ionic framework team launched a Vue version recently and I have been testing it out. I made a prototype application and it was quite challenging to get started.

The problem is that the documentation is written from the perspective of an Ionic developer instead of a Vue developer learning Ionic. Moreover, some of the documentation is missing or copy and pasted from the Angular documentation. The result is missing explanation or guidance on many items that may help with the transition.

As the case is for any new framework, there aren’t a lot of learning materials for Ionic Vue. But the best resource I found and the one that covered a lot of lingering questions was Academind.

The video goes over building an app from start to finish, but also dives into:

  • when to use certain components (biggest question mark when starting)
  • which components pair with others (exclusively or otherwise)
  • the logic behind the Ionic Vue router
  • pipelines for compiling an app
  • the lines between Vue, Ionic, Capacitor/Cordova, and JS

I would recommend this video over the ones that Ionic is putting out, which is more of the same as the documentation.

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