Laravel CRUD API and Vue Front End

Demo Link: GitHub Link: I made a Laravel CRUD API using Laravel Resources. It does basic blog CRUD functions with a Vue front end. Cool.

Book List App

Just a short codepen I made for adding and deleting a list of books in js. Utilizes local storage. See the Pen Book List App by Yohan (@yo) on CodePen.

Contact Form 7 Ticketing Plugin

The CF7 Ticketing Plugin is an incomplete plugin made for a client that needs a ticketing system for building maintenance. It utilizes the Contact Form 7 plugin for form validation and stores the input as a custom post type that can be searched and organized. CF7-Support-Ticket Plugin The plugin includes a custom backend menu, “Tickets”, … Read more

Converting a Bootstrap Template into a WordPress Theme

To put my new knowledge of WP theme creation to good use, I decided converted a Bootstrap template Clean Blog into a WordPress theme. This project gave me the confidence in my new skill and my ability to learn as I go. The conversion process felt straightforward. I learned that the Bootstrap theme didn’t easily translate into … Read more