ZSA Voyager Review

zsa voyager keyboard

What ZSA has a new keyboard named Voyager out that fits my low profile aesthetic preference a lot more than their other offerings. With all the hype around the slick looking Moonlander and the original Ergodox, I was always tempted to purchase one but the chonkiness of it always got to me. I was talking … Read more

Two Ruby Memoization Patterns

Two main memoization patterns I’ve seen are the following Example #1 is shorter, however if you stare at it hard enough you’ll realize if @the_thing is supposed to be false or a falsy value then it would never be memoized. Example #2 of checking if the variable has been defined is a more sure method … Read more

Ruby Nullish States

Just want to point out a great post by Joyce Echessa talking about the differences between all the nullish state methods for Ruby: Nil? Empty? Present? Blank? #nil? #empty? #blank? #present? 5 false NoMethodError false true “” false true true false ” ” false false true false “\t\n” false false true false [] false true … Read more

Transitioning to a Second Full Stack Developer Position

TL;DR It was hard but worth it. First Job My first developer position was the challenging to find. After having done freelance work for a handful of years and another two teaching myself modern development frameworks, it took roughly 100+ applications to land my first role. The position was a sole developer role for a … Read more

Laravel with relationship but use join instead

Laravel’s with() is an easy to use query builder tool to fetch relationship. Once you’ve established the relationship in your model file you can do this. But this query has the downside of hitting the database twice, or however many relationships you query. And if you’re running it on a big scale application, it can … Read more

Laravel Compatible Scraper Libraries

What are some scraper options for Laravel? Well, Dusk works well if you’re just working in dev and testing but the following list can work for various cases. I’ve listed the four from what seems to be most reliable to least reliable depending on your use case. For instance, it seems like only panther and … Read more