Hello, World!

This is my first blog post. I’m going to write down my experience as I learn web development so that I can look back and see the progress, or regress, I’ve made and if I find success as a developer, to show others that it’s possible for them too.

Some Background

I never intended to do web development. I learned HTML and CSS in college, but I majored in film. But a simple portfolio I created in class got me my first job as an interactive content developer. The business ran a WordPress multisite that I learned how to manipulate and maintain. I didn’t learn any programming from the job but it taught me the ins and outs of WordPress, enough to get freelance work creating sites and maintaining them. So during my 8 years of working with WordPress, learning how to code has always been on the back of my mind. Eventually, clients would ask me to implement things beyond my¬†capabilities. Everything I’ve learned up to that point no longer worked. In order to make things function, I had to learn how to code.

So Far

After several days of researching the best learning channel, I settled on Team Treehouse. It has a good support for both PHP and WordPress development. Right now I’m through the beginner PHP track and halfway through WordPress development. And I’ve got to say I enjoy it very much. I’ve tried Udemy, WPMU, Lynda, Code Academy, and Coursera, and Treehouse is just the sweet spot for me of being engaging, challenging, and easy to use. I work on the course approximately 2 hours a day during weekdays.

Going Forward

I get excited about learning things I never knew, especially when I see my code work. It feels awesome. I want to keep going. I intend to finish intermediate PHP after this course. We’ll see where that’ll take me.

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