Code Snippets: An Alternative to Modifying your WordPress theme’s functions.php

When I was a pseudo WordPress site builder where I wrote some code but did the majority of the work through the UI, various fixes or add-ons came in the form of modifying the theme’s function.php. Preferably, I’d use a child theme or creating a separate plugin. But with the Code Snippets plugin, life doesn’t have to be so hard. 

Individual snippets can be toggled on and off in Code Snippets

What is Code Snippets

Code Snippets, created by Shea Bunge, is a plugin to plugin snippets of code (I’m sorry) instead of jamming it in your functions.php file somewhere until it disappears in the next update. You can switch individual snippets on and off depending on your need. 

A code editor is built into the Code Snippets plugin

How to Use Code Snippets

It’s dead simple to use. Like a post, add the lines of PHP code you want to execute including the add action/filter. You have options to execute only in the front or back end.

Additional settings include, export, download, import, code editor themes, priority selection, there’s too many and they’re all handy.


With frequent updates and more than 100,000 active installations, Code Snippets makes adding functionality to your WP site a breeze, and is a must have in a WP manager’s toolbox. Thank you Shea.

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