Laravel Money Format

Need to convert a float or string into a currency format in Laravel? Here are two quick methods. Use PHP’s number_format() in your blade template. You can also add the following to your AppServiceProvider’s boot method. Good luck!

Spatie Laravel Response Cache

How do you cache efficiently in Laravel? Trying to figure out an efficient way to serve data using the least amount of resources is always a challenge to face when scaling. How much of the data to process in the front vs back end. When to cache and how to handle the scope of what … Read more

Fast Insert CSV Data to Laravel From S3

The Story (skip if ya just want the code) I’ve fussed with this problem for weeks. If you need to import massive amounts of csv data (100k to 10mil) to your Laravel site there’s a lot of broken information. Some of it is outdated, others are just bits and pieces. But here’s generally how the … Read more

Laravel Relationships Migration Schema

I’ve been having to look up relationship schemas too frequently and haven’t found a decent place that outlines them with migration and eloquent relationship declaration side by side. So if you’re looking for how to build a migration for (insert here) relationship, here it is. *Based on Laravel 7 One to One One to Many … Read more

Case Insensitive Columns Postgres

Unsuccessful with the making columns case-insensitive framework level, I had to go deeper. Here’s how I changed my Postgres columns to be case-insensitive, and ultimately solve my model relationship problems. CITEXT Extension for Postgres You needs to provision the extension to the database. If you use Heroku (like me here’s a simple step). The citext module provides … Read more

Laravel Case Insensitive Model Relationships

Normally, for case insensitive where queries, you can use the ‘ILIKE’ operator. But if you’re linking a prepopulated dataset, there’s a chance where a foreign key string doesn’t quite match another table’s key. There’s not too much info on getting case insensitive relationships working other than digging into the database dictionary and building your own … Read more

Laravel Services Pattern

Starting out Laravel I heard a lot of good advice, particularly on Laracast. But others are confusing, particularly on MVC. The common question is where do you put business logic. You’ll hear that you want to keep your controllers skinny and models thin. What the hell? Using a service layer is the answer if you … Read more