Setting Up Virtual Hosts on a Mac

I ran into some trouble running through different tutorials to setup virtual hosts while setting up a local Laravel site. There doesn’t seem to be much consensus on the developers’ preferred local environment. So here’s how to setup virtual hosts on a mac with MAMP. From what I understand this let’s you use a “virtual” … Read more

WordPress Child Theme: Easy Mistakes

How to set up a child theme There are a number of tutorials that go over how to set up a child theme. I should know by this point, but there are a few frequent mistakes that are both crucial to the setup process and that other tutorials fail to make explicit. Short-hand list for … Read more

Interface & Abstract Class Comparison Cheat Sheet

Class Abstract Class Interface Instantiated ✔ X X Extend/Implement Multiple X X ✔ Contract X ✔ ✔ Implementation ✔ ✔ X Single Place Versioning ✔ ✔ X All Methods Public (Access Modifiers) X X ✔ Properties ✔ ✔ X Constants ✔ ✔ ✔ Overridable Constant ✔ ✔ X Type Checked ✔ ✔ ✔ Abstract Class … Read more

SQL Cheat Sheet

This is a handy cheat sheet for simple SQL reporting. Ordering Columns Ordering by a single column criteria: SELECT * FROM <table name> ORDER BY <column> [ASC|DESC]; ASC is used to order results in ascending order. DESC is used to order results in descending order. Examples: SELECT * FROM books ORDER BY title ASC;SELECT * … Read more

Learning Progress Part II

The Progress So it’s been almost two and a half months since I started learning how to code. During that time I’ve finished the Beginning PHP and Development for WordPress tracks on Team Treehouse. Before starting another track I wanted to make sure I had integrated what I learned. So I made projects for myself … Read more

WordPress $wpdb Object Overview

This is a really helpful overview from BenBaltar on how to run a query on the $wpdb. I personally used this when I created a function within a plugin to check if a post was a child of an array of posts. One question I have is if it is the most efficient use of … Read more

Better WordPress Email Management with MailGun

I’ve always had a lot of trouble with the WordPress email system. Whether it’s dropping emails, not receiving emails, emails ending in spam, not authenticating with Gmail, DNS records being incorrect, a lot can and has gone wrong. Most guides out there give you a generic SMTP plugin to install and say that should solve it. Sometimes … Read more

Update WordPress links with SQL

It’s not easy changing your WordPress site links. You might have to change http to https or correct a spelling error. If changing settings or using plugins don’t help, here’s how to change it manually with SQL. Most of us will have to use phpmyadmin. Find your database manager.  In your database command line execute the … Read more