SQL Cheat Sheet

This is a handy cheat sheet for simple SQL reporting. Ordering Columns Ordering by a single column criteria: SELECT * FROM <table name> ORDER BY <column> [ASC|DESC]; ASC is used to order results in ascending order. DESC is used to order results in descending order. Examples: SELECT * FROM books ORDER BY title ASC;SELECT * … Read more

Converting a Bootstrap Template into a WordPress Theme

To put my new knowledge of WP theme creation to good use, I decided converted a Bootstrap template Clean Blog into a WordPress theme. This project gave me the confidence in my new skill and my ability to learn as I go. The conversion process felt straightforward. I learned that the Bootstrap theme didn’t easily translate into … Read more

Learning Progress Part II

The Progress So it’s been almost two and a half months since I started learning how to code. During that time I’ve finished the Beginning PHP and Development for WordPress tracks on Team Treehouse. Before starting another track I wanted to make sure I had integrated what I learned. So I made projects for myself … Read more